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Solar Powered Mobile Lighting and Observation Trailers

Introducing a new Warom product category, brought to you by Inatex.

A new line of solar powered mobile lighting and observation trailers combine the cost and environment saving benefits of solar charged battery power with the dependability of fast start diesel backup generators. These trailers keep the noise, pollutants and running costs down by harnessing power of the Australian sun.

The new line of SPM trailers are available in a number of different configurations and can be equipped to your specifications so contact us at [email protected] for more details.

HRZX91 Position Switches

Warom HRZX91 Position Switches now IECEx Certified

Warom’s BHRZX91 Series Explosion-proof position switches have been certified to IECEx standards (certificate IECEx NEP 20.0010X). Rated Ex db IIC T6 Gb / Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db IP66, the HRZX91 is suitable for use in Zone 1 and 2 and Zone 21 and 22 applications. Five different psoitoner types are available, and all are rated for 240V AC / 250V DC at 3A (AC) or 0.27A (DC).

For more information or to download the product data sheet, visit the product page.

BAK85 Tank Inspection Spotlight

BAK85 Explosion-proof LED Tank Inspection Vessel Light IECEx Certified

Warom’s BAK85 Series LED Explosion-proof inspection lights have now been certified to IECEx by TÜV. Rated Ex db op is IIC T6 Gb / Ex tb op is IIIC T80°C Db, the lights feature a 9W LED and are suitable for Zone 1 and 2 and Zone 21 and 22 applications. As standard, the colour temperature is 5400-6500K cool white, however warm (2700-3500K) or natural white (4700-5400K) are optional.

For more information or to download the product data sheet, visit the product page.

Explosion-Proof Windsock

HDL-W Explosion-proof Windsock granted IECEx certification.

Warom Technology has recently achieved IECEx Certification from TÜV for the HDL-W Explosion-proof wind sock.

Suitable for Zone 1 and 2 and Zone 21 and 22 environments, the product features a 9W LED in a marine grade aluminium alloy housing and a finely machined 316 stainless steel slip ring which rotates freely through 360°. Several protection circuits provide stable, quick-start, surge-proof performance.

For more details please refer to the HDL-W product page or get in touch with Inatex for a quote.

IECEx Certifed Ammeters and Voltmeters in Stock

Due to a cancelled order we have a number of BB8050 Series Ammeters and Voltmeters available for immediate delivery.

  • The voltmeters are 0-30V DC direct measuring, 5 x overload, 72mm x 72mm.
  • The ammeters are 0-200A / 0-60mV input, 5 x overload, 72mm x 72mm

Both ammeters and voltmeters are Ex e IIC Gb for Zone 1 and Zone 2 and can be used in temperatures ranging from -20º to +60ºC.

For more information, refer to the BB8050 product page.

PXK Series Pressurised Distribution Cabinets Achieve IECEx Certification

Warom’s PXK Series has achieved IECEx Certification from Eurofins.  The pressurised distribution cabinets can be used in Zone 2 hazardous areas where IIC gas or vapor atmospheres may be present with T1-T5 temperature classification, or Zone 22 combustible dust atmospheres.

The cabinets are rated for temperatures from -10°C to 55°C. There is a range of 11 cabinet sizes, manufactured from stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel with IP66 ingress protection.

For more information, see the PXK product page.