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Technology is Warom’s core competence and it is also the driving force behind Warom‘s rapid development.  After over thirty years of effort, Warom has gained a great technological strength and has led the Chinese explosion-proof electrical apparatus industry. The group is now actively developing advanced technology for the international market.  

The technological center at Warom employs more than 500 professionals with specialties across application sciences including Electrical, Mechanical, Automation, Chemical Corrosion, Information Technology, Communication, Foundry, Measurement and Lighting. Over the years, this team has demonstrated its ability to rapidly advance technology and has a strong innovation capability. 

The development of technology has its roots in specialisation, and Warom has seven specialised R&D departments concentrated on designing, researching and developing its products. The seven R&D departments are focussed on Export Product Development, Lighting, Electrical Apparatus, Mining Products, Plastics, Pipe Fittings and Fans. The Export Product Development Department is operated directly by the company’s International Division, and it develops industrial explosion-proof products that are compliant to IEC, EN, CU-TR, NEC505 and NEC500 standards in accordance with international market requirements.

Every year, the Export Product Department develops 20 new products and launches explosion-proof products that meet the needs of the international market. By 2017, Warom Technology had completed the development and the certification works for over 100 series of products for export.