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After over thirty years‘ development, Warom founded a new explosion-proof manufacturing base in the Jiading District of Shanghai, China, with land coverage of 150,000 square meters and a building coverage of 160,000 square meters. It has over 2,500 staff with an annual production capacity of 500 million USD. A second facility of equal size is under development.

The new automated explosion-proof equipment factory began production in December 2014, and can achieve automated processing, assembly, testing, packaging and delivery of products with an annual production capacity of 500 Million USD.

There are seven units within the production department including the Export Production Unit, Die-Casting Unit, Fabricating Unit, Electric Appliance Unit, Piping Unit, Fan Unit, and Plastics Unit, forming an all-in-one explosion-proof equipment manufacturing centre.

The Exporting Production Unit is focused on producing explosion-proof products for export that comply with IEC, EN, CU-TR, NEC505 and NEC500 standards. The unit is directly under the management of the Foreign Trade Division of the company and operates within the ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO/IEC 80079-34: 2011.

Warom firmly believes that the quality is controlled within the process, and applies a variety of inspection equipment,  measures and management modes to ensure a consistently high product quality.